The Beginning of Something Sweet

I started this blog thinking that I’d use it as a sort of therapy. I was going to pour out my thoughts and concerns and relieve some stress. That was before I started law school.

Since I’ve been here (Ole Miss School of Law, Y’all!) I’ve found that crafting and cooking and spending time getting things done have all been better ways of dealing with stress. The first month I painted furniture and decorated my apartment. The next month, I started cooking. Eventually, I taught myself how to knit, got frustrated, and returned to crocheting, which I’ve been doing since high school. Sometime last semester, my sister Teckie got me hooked on Pinterest (and trust me, it’s all downhill from there).

My favorite thing to do is probably bake. Because I live alone, I rarely have the chance to break out my cupcake pans, but there will be baking, I promise!

So here we go. My newest phase of stress relief: blogging about my projects.
Sara Elizabeth 🙂